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Handmade Rug Repair

Repair of handmade rugs is a skill that only comes with years of experience and knowledge of how a rug is handwoven from scratch. Handmade rugs are very delicate and require a great deal of attention to details when it comes to repairing. The texture and material used in making a rug play a major role in determining the repair method.

One common feature of rugs that attract damages is the fringe. Over time fringes can be damaged by excessive vacuuming general foot traffic or pets playing around with them. Over the past half a century of gaining experience in this field we have managed to gain the required expertise in dealing with such delicate rug features and have a successful track record of complete transformation of damaged rugs – videos of which can be found on our website and social media.

Our repair services include:

 - Rebuilding a hole in the rug

- Abrasion and erosion

- Dry rot damage

 - Moth damage

- Curled edges

 - Colour run

- Fold wear

 - Patches

 - Dyeing

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