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Stain Removal

The most common problem of the households with children and pets is the dirty stains especially on carpets and sofas. In order to put your mind at peace White Swan London can guarantee to remove the majority of stains by using high quality stain removal chemicals and techniques.

 Most stains can be removed by dissolving them with a suitable solvent. The choice of solvent is based on two factors: the agent that the stain was caused by and the material that needs to be cleaned. Different types of stain require different types of solvents for an effective removal process but it is critical that the choice of solvent be such that in no circumstance the stained material gets negatively affected by it.

 With half a century of experience in this field our staff at White Swan London have carried out these processes successfully numerous times for every type of stain and are confident that yours will be no exception!

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We use Anti-Bacterial materials for all our cleaning services.

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